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Dressed for School
children's fashion heritage and clothing agency

Dressed for Homeschooling

As part of the project "Dressed for School", we have asked French and British children if  lockdown and homeschooling had influenced their dress codes. "Dressed for Homeschooling" has benefited from the support of Community.  

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Playing through clothes

BIN 2020 conference "Designing for Play in New Nordic Childhood" (Billund University, Kolding Design Skool) has invited me to present our investigation on clothes as a creative tool in the School environment based on expertise and research in Design Anthropology. To be continued...


My ideal school uniform

"Dressed for School" provides the opportunity for future designers to partner with the industry. This research and development programme focuses on children's approach to school dress codes with the aim to reinvent children's interactions with their clothes. First opus with the Design students of the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serre (Paris, France). 

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