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Research Projects
Design Anthropology, Childhood and clothing, heritage

Dressed for School

In partnership with the National Museum of Education (MUNAE, France), "Dressed for School" explores the role of fashion and clothing within the School environment in Europe, from the 19th century onwards. This interdisciplinary project merging the industry with Humanities and practice based research, will be presented in an exhibition in 2022 and a series of publications. 

Children in playground


Interdisciplinary and international network for the research on children's clothing, IN2FROCC gathers together historians, anthropologists, sociologists, ethnologists, museum curators, childhood practitioners, designers, industry representatives and children, in an investigation into children's clothes across the globe, time and social ecosystems. IN2FROCC seeks to engage in an innovative, inclusive and organic manner with current research on children’s dress codes, fashion and clothes. 

toddler with playful backdrop
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