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December 2020 - April 2021

I have been commissioned by XpoNorth to design, coordinate and deliver a series of online webinars exploring the role of heritage as a resource for branding, design and communication in the creative industries, and the creative impact on communities.

Children's voice

Young Academy of Scotland

December - May 2021

I have contributed to the creation and coordination of this project organised under the umbrella of the Young Academy of Scotland. This competition for children aged 8-14 gathers their voices to influence the societal and environmental Grand Challenges in Scotland. 

Public Engagement: conferences, webinars, media 

« In the collection of the Textile Museum in Cholet: a boy’s suit from 1915», ICOM-Costume, Copenhaguen, 19 October 2006.

« White colour in children’s fashion », Black and white in fashion, C.H.O.D.A., Courtauld Institute, London, 29 June 2007.

« The textile museum of Cholet », Pasold conference, London, 18th January 2008

"Children's fashion and the Textile Museum of Cholet", Research and Museums, National Museum of Scotland / University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 6th February 2009 

« Children’s fashion from 18th century onwards », Endyesthai Costume Conference: historical, sociological and methodological approaches, Athens, April 2010

“Giz Vreizh: Fashioning Breton identities”, Contested identities, University of Glasgow Conference, Summer Hall, Edinburgh, 7th December 2017.

“Adulte minitature ou enfant deguise: la realite des effets du style Mini-me sur la place de l’enfant dans la mode contemporaine”, Mode et Morale, Universite de la Mode, Lyon, Mars 2018.

“Children’s fashion in the European museum’s landscape”, Museum exhibition fair (MEF), Bucharest, Romania, 24thOctober 2018.

“Childhood studies and material culture: the necessity of an interdisciplinary approach”, International Childhood Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, 26th October 2018.

“Education, socialisation and co-creation: designing for the child”, Global Fashion Conference, London, UK, 30thOctober 2018.

“Feeling, dreaming, learning: the sense of colours in children’s fashion”, Colour of Art and Science, Royal Society of Edinburgh, RSE@Inverness, 16th March 2019.

"La mode: apprendre a s’habiller, montrer qui on est”, Etre et savoir, 23/02/2020, France Culture. 

“Learning through clothes, Children’s fashion in Western Contemporary society”, Curious Minds Perth, 6th March 2020. 

“Children, school and dress code: towards post-pandemic reflections on children’s clothing behaviour”, 9/12/2020, Edinburgh: Young Academy of Scotland,

“Heritage and children’s fashion: case study of the rebranding of the French Jacadi (2006-2010)”, Global Fashion Conference, Fashion and legacy, Lyon/online, 22nd October 2020, [10/12/20]

“Heritage as a creative future”, webinars, December 2020 – April 2021, XpoNorth, Highland and Islands Enterprise. 

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